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Minuit a Paris

This film, by Woody Allen, is superbe. Particularily on a day where DSK’s alleged actions have brought France and Paris to a new low. Minuit a Paris opened the Cannes film festival to rave reviews. It is not surprising. It … Continue reading

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General de Gaule and Ireland

Interesting exhibition in the Irish college in Paris. Went last night for the opening. De Gaule excaped to Ireland for some peace and quiet, away form the French media after his referendum was defeated and he effectively retired from public … Continue reading

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Airbus A330 FDR and CVR recovered

BEA (Bureau d’Enquete Aviation) maintain these units will reveal their secrets after 2 years at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. At a depth of 4000 metres the condition of these boxes is remarkably good. Thoeries abound concerning the cause of … Continue reading

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U boat encounter 2/5/1917. W. Nelson

Derrymore torpedoed by German U boat between the coasts of NE Ireland and West Scotland. Granda (William ) Nelson negotiated the future of the crew by climbing on board the U-Boat achieving a settlement of letting the German U-Boat blow … Continue reading

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